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Last updated on Nov 17, 2020 09:56 in Uniworld
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo

Uni Private Party 2020 - UniWorld.io Ecosystem's President Club

Uni - Meet up, private party, annual gala dinner of Uni President Club. This is a chance for leaders of the UniWorld ecosystem, formerly the UniLab DAO Network, to meet informally, report on the results, and announce new goals, honoring outstanding leaders in the network. This is also an opportunity for families and relatives of leaders to have private space, rest, enjoy relaxing moments after hard working days and non-stop.

The President's Club is always open to new leaders who can join us, to make life better together.

Let us put human at the center, but before that our lives should be filled with happiness anytime, anywhere. That is the key for us to be the role model of businesses participating in innovation, and at the forefront of what is called Smart Society 5.0.

See you next time at Tokyo Bay.

Best regard!

Uniworld.io Ecosystem - Uni For Smart society 5.0


** The time is base on UTC timezone