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Posted By Yamamoto Kudo

🎈🎉Reward pool: 200$ UNW for 10 winners🎈🎉

1️⃣Participants are required to share a UniWorld poster design about following topics on Twitter:

✅UniWorld IEO

✅Defi of Unichain


✅Unichain network speed

2️⃣ The content of the tweet must include:

@UniworldSriLan1 @UniWorldio $UNW #UniChain #UniCash #UNW #UniWorld.io #DeFi #PreSale

3️⃣ Follow + Retweet + Tag 3 friends : https://twitter.com/UniworldSriLan1/status/1297817409324306433

4️⃣Join Uniworld Sri Lanka community : @uniworldsrilanka_CMMalith

👉Submit your details : https://forms.gle/P2PFyWbeSA1tXwS4A

👉More details : https://medium.com/@uniworldsrilanka/uniworld-sri-lanka-welcome-event-2db2ebb4c2b9

** The time is base on America/Los_Angeles timezone