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Last updated on Nov 07, 2020 14:46 in Uniworld
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo

UniWorld is a complete ecosystem that includes different platforms and services such as UniBot, UniMe, Mia and other utility applications built on top of UniChain, 4th Generation Blockchain ForSmart Society 5.0. 

UniChain is a public Blockchain featuring so-called multi-side-chains so everyone can connect and use and build upon this platform for a plethora of purposes. UniChain has the following technical features: Up to millions TPS, Block confirmation (finality) - 1/s, Blocktime: 1s, supports smart contracts and cross chain communication! 

UniChain mainnet is live with the native coin called Unicash (UNW) as the cryptocurrency of UniWorld.io Ecosystem. It is important to note that no fundraising was done before the mainnet release!

Uni group is planning to raise funds from the blockchain community by issuing the coin Unicash (UNW) which can be used for any transactions in its ecosystem. Pre-sale has already over and Public Sale to be announced soon. The pre-sale and public sale will have a maximum volume of 12,200,000 UNW and 240,000,000 UNW respectively, equal to 1.22% and 24% of the total supply.

The exact conditions of the token sale is to be published very soon! We are looking for more updates from the project and recommend to subscribe to UniWorld social channels not to miss important news.

TG: @UniworldOfficial

Website: uniworld.io

Twitter: twitter.com/UniWorldio

** The time is base on UTC timezone