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Last updated on Nov 02, 2020 13:14 in Others
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo


From the Stone Age, human started to communicate with each other.  Step by step the communication has been changed to a smart and  more convenient method. The technology has been changed  dramatically year by year. Computer age, mobile age, and the bot age.  Why the changes are needed! Because human being is required with  the comfort, convenient, smart and happy manners.


Since 2016, Japan has began the new revolution smart society 5.0  where people will be lived in a 5.0 world. The A.I brings the world more  intelligent as well as it’s additivities. Along with the Blockchain  technology from the 4.0 industry, the two important technologies – A.I  & Blockchain - have been harmonized and play a viral roles in human  society. Let’s get to the new era with Uniworld.

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