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Last updated on Jan 25, 2022 01:50 in Uni Cash
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo

UniWorld will be listed on P2PB2B


UNW is coming soon to our exchange.

🔸Trading pair: UNW/USDT, UNW/BTC


UniWorld token (UNW) is the main token curriculum on Unichain, although each side chain can create its own token using smart contract curriculum in its chain, it is worth noting that UniWorld token is the valid token to all chains and is the medium to link the chain together. 


UniWorld token is also used for transaction fee to protect the network from spammers, exchange for other tokens (coins) in Unichain exchange platform.


Learn more about the project:

🔸Website: uniworld.io

🔸Facebook: facebook.com/UniWorld.io

🔸Twitter: twitter.com/UniWorldio

🔸Telegram Official Channel: t.me/UniworldOfficial

🔸Telegram Community: t.me/MiaworldMultiple

🔸Youtube: youtube.com/c/uniworldecosystem

** The time is base on UTC timezone