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Last updated on Aug 13, 2019 02:34:54 in UniBot
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At Unibot, we are in the bot business. The bot business is our business, we were founded on it. Our open platform hosts bots for everyone. Chat bots, Virtual agents, Twitter bots, Facebook bots, email bots, bots on IRC, bots for web and mobile.

On Unibot you can build your own personal bot, to be your virtual assistant, to automate your social media or email, to be you, to be your friend. Our platform is including our AI engine, our Unibot scripting languages Self and AIML, and our web, Android, and iOS SDKs.

Our commercial platform U-versions level for Social & Business offers professional hosting and services to help your business adopt and be succesful in the new bot economy. We can add a bot to your website or mobile app to provide customer service, automated your business presence on social media, automate your email and other services. We are not just experts in our platform, but also experts in Facebook's automation platform, in Twitter's platform, in Microsoft's, Apple's, Google's, in Telegram, Alexa, Twillio, WeChat, Skype and Slack...

We live at a monumentus time in human history, in bot history, will you join us, or be left behind?

For business, Unibot can help you create a your own bot to be your business's customer service

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone