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Last updated on Jul 19, 2021 22:50 in UniMe
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UniMe secure messaging for smart society 5.0 UniMe, Privacy - Freedom - Belief UniMe state of the art end to end encryption for human rights and privacy protection UniMe end to end solution for human centered era Uniworld.io Ecosystem - Uni For Smart society 5.0 Being able to chat freely on the internet without fear of your privacy being exploited is no longer a thing of the past with UniMe as the Apple App Store has certified that this software is not linked to your data. UniMe links people and virtual assistants to enhance business and life with features such as wallet payments, verifications and many others you can expect from AI & Blockchain. UniMe is based on the concept of a new era that revolves around humans and strongly advocates for privacy, freedom, and trust. It offers encrypted conversations, a mini virtual assistant and your very own crypto wallet hub. This makes UniMe the perfect secure messaging app for a society 5.0. Back in 2016 the Japanese government proposed the concept of a smart human-centered society 5 and UniMe is only the beginning of this concept. UniMe has pretty much revolutionized the world of secure messaging apps by prioritizing privacy when it comes to chatting and calling. State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption is used so that no one, including UniMe, can read your messages or calls. Regular civilians are provided with military-grade security for every text and call. Secondly the app has been equipped with a personalized AI Bot that is available 24/7. You can also remove any unneeded information on the business card and replace it with the QR code of the virtual assistant assisting you, allowing you more freedom. Lastly UniMe has introduced a Blockchain wallet that allows consumers access to new technology to manage their digital assets. Gone are the days where you communicate with someone on one app while making payments on another. UniMe helps you chat to someone whilst making crypto currency transactions making it more convenient, time-saving, and suitable for older and less tech savvy people. Above all, you can control your digital assets via a secure personal wallet based on Blockchain technology that processes data on the user's device. UniMe is a super app that has integrated two technology platforms, UniBot and UniChain which is owned by UniWorld. Download now to make use of all UniMe has to offer! Https://unime.world

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