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Last updated on Nov 22, 2020 21:01 in Developers
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo

UniChain Open Source

The UniChain Blockchain is powered by open-source software. The first implementation of the UniChain protocol — the technology behind the blockchain — is UniChain Core, which is an open-source project managed by the UniWorld Association using development practices established by the open-source community. Developing the technology behind the UniChain Blockchain in this way ensures that the blockchain is accessible to everyone and that technology decisions are fair and transparent.

Open-source software is software that anyone can use, inspect, and modify. Building UniChain Core on open-source software means that people can use the UniChain Blockchain in new and creative ways. It means that developers can build new applications that support the blockchain and run those applications on any kind of device. It means that the public can inspect how the blockchain works, giving everyone equal knowledge of the inner workings of the code. It also means that the community of security researchers can work together to make the blockchain more secure. The UniChain Association is committed to ensuring that the UniChain protocol specification and UniChain Core are and always will be open source.

The invention of open-source software sparked a practice of engineers working across countries and across companies to collaborate on the development of ambitious software projects. Projects of this type build a community of developers who work together to make tough technical decisions about the evolution of the project. Because UniChain is a platform that will serve many people, this type of community-focused decision making will be essential to make sure that everybody has a fair chance to contribute to the evolution of the platform.

UniChain’s Engineering Principles

  • The technology behind the UniChain Blockchain will be free for all to inspect, use, modify, and distribute, and this is understood by all.
  • Contributions are measured for technical merit and scrutinized for security.
  • Trust and transparency of decisions will help to make UniChain successful.
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