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Last updated on Nov 22, 2020 20:54 in Developers
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo

Smart contract can be deployed on UniChain network using wallet-cli, Unichain-js or node API. This document guide you deploying smart contract using another tool, the utool. The complete guide and example are here

Install utool

Install Utool using the command below (for Linux system)

sudo npm install @uniworld/utool -g

Compile smart contract

utool compile

Results look like following

Compiling ./contracts/ConvertLib.sol...
Compiling ./contracts/Migrations.sol...
Compiling ./contracts/YourCoin.sol...
Writing artifacts to ./build/contracts

Deploy smart contract

Edit your utool.js configuration file, change the private key then run the following commands

  • For the development environment utool migrate development
  • For the testnet environment utool migrate testnet
  • For the mainnet environment utool migrate mainet

Results after running the migrate command will look like following:

Running migration: 1_initial_migration.js
  Deploying Migrations...
    (base58) Udn2bvDdr3pkiM4ZPWkVt9dXeT9vXK2ZkL
    (hex) 44ad3d8faa982783f8b4a92bcad94de5bfd9983ff0
Saving successful migration to network...
Saving artifacts...
Running migration: 2_deploy_contracts.js
  Deploying ConvertLib...
    (base58) UZ4guXydCCgha1QLKkQ5LnZdk2peXUabK1
    (hex) 44798b8fe01219bc66f8c5073c07c530ef70867e00
  Linking ConvertLib to YourCoin
  Deploying YourCoin...
    (base58) UV3YUQur8BAxM8EWyjhyczZ3ycjXNW7Lwo
    (hex) 444d739a712f5a951b3e0c7484a0ac28ea5ef98563
Saving successful migration to network...
Saving artifacts...
** The time is base on UTC timezone