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Last updated on Nov 22, 2020 15:03 in Developers
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo


UNW (Uni Cash or Uni Coin) is the native coin on the UniChain network, just like ETH on Ethereum. Unlike other networks, UNW can not be mined. It’s distributed from UniWorld organization - the founder of UniChain and borned via network rewards. The total supply of UNW is (in word: one billion) and the coin in curriculum is 300.000.000 UNW. The coin borned in network rewards will be balanced with the coin burnt from network activities (transaction fee, deploy smart contract, issue token …) and the inflation rate should be nearly zero percent.

The smallest unit of UNW is Ginza. 1 UNW = 1.000.000 Ginza

How to obtain UNW

Because UNW cannot be mined. You can obtain UNW from UniWorld airdrop/bouty campaigns, swap from other coins/token or buy from exchanges. You also join the network and get the rewards (become a witness or vote for witness)

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone