About losing UNW of accounts was hacked 0 0

Last updated on Nov 17, 2020 11:15 in Uniworld
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo

Currently, the issue of losing coins due to the habit of users using the same passwords in different company systems has been exposed. But we've been responsible for that.

Note: Users have been advised to take precautions to protect themselves and to release their own new Blockchain wallet. 

We are not responsible for the user's personal issues (Ex. Lose 2fa, forget to back up private key)

In cases where there is a petition to lose coins, please fill in the form and show the proof that there is a coin in it! Although we processed the refund and fulfilled our responsibilities, some people took advantage of it to continue collecting the rewards! 

Please note that our attorneys will obey the above and hold the entire file in order to respond to any requests that arise, if any.

We no longer accept "Private Chat" for these cases! Use  https://forms.gle/k9DPXHAT8v5MS9De9 and solve the problem by e-mail.

This would be proof for our attorneys to send, upon request, to the competent authorities in the State.

** The time is base on UTC timezone