New Announcement: have completed UNW distribution of 2nd round 0 0

Last updated on Nov 17, 2020 10:23 in Uni Cash
Posted By Yamamoto Kudo

New Announcement:  We have completed UNW distribution for completed accounts of 2nd round (Airdrop event). Some accounts don't receive UNW (unicash), the common reasons are incompletion of process or overtime for processing. So we couldn't process sending UNW for  cases.  

On 2nd Round, We have faced several times that accounts don't completed KYC, don't provide UNW wallet address, those accounts must be completed these 2 steps to receive the reward (Of course, the reward won't count for these 2 steps). 

Note: We only distribute for  completed accounts. It means If your provided information isn't  same as confirmation from Bot, we don't send UNW for you

** The time is base on UTC timezone